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Free-From Food Revolution 

More people than ever before are taking control of their dietary choices — seeking out free-from foods as well as vegan, vegetarian and organic options. As this trend grows, you need to provide the right food choices to keep your people nourished. 

Small changes - Big difference

Find out how small changes can make a big difference to your people’s health and wellbeing. 

What's on the menu for millennials?

Millennials are transforming the workplace, and catering is no exception. It’s a generation that thinks differently, acts differently and eats differently. So here’s a look at what this means for foodservice.

Taste your way around Scotland

 Discover how some of our favourite dishes started out as Scottish specialities... 

Taste your way around Wales

Discover how some of our favourite dishes started out as Welsh specialities...

Taste your way around the UK

Discover how some of our favourite dishes started out as regional specialities...

The best of British BBQ

Find out what's on Britain's BBQ this summer.


Did you know that outsourcing a business operation can its costs by a third?

Welcome to the family

Find out how working with multiple members of our Business and Industry family can benefit your organisation.


Breakfast has the power to boost performance — and yet we don’t all bother with it. Get the lowdown in our new infographic. 


If variety is the spice of life then we need a bigger spice rack. See our infographic to find out how our recipes bring you plenty of healthy choices.

Every time customers in our restaurants buy a bottle of Life Water, we give support to building new wells in the developing world. Check out our progress so far.

Balanced diet

Our balanced diet infographic shares all the secrets of becoming health and wellbeing champions for your workforce.

Brand loyalty

What matters most to your people? Money? Promotions? Benefits? In conjunction with our ‘Beyond Bonuses’ webcast, this infographic gives you everything you need to know.

Flexible working

Nine to five. It’s not that common any more, is it? With the help of a webcast, we delved into the changing working patterns and why those changes have come about.

Going bananas for Fairtrade

Here at Eurest, we support Fairtrade farmers from around the world; check out this infographic to see more. 

The age of snacking

To snack or not to snack? We looked into the increasing trend of grazing in the workplace, and how it’s impacting your people.

Healthier workplaces make financial sense 

Making your workforce healthier will improve your bottom line; find out how in this infographic.

Crunch time for the evening meal

Is dinner dead? Find out how much of our day is spent eating and how this is changing what we want from our meals.