Local Presence

We may act global, but it is also our clear intention to think local; from food sourcing with an emphasis on provenance and sustainability (through our ‘Farm to Fork’ initiative), to the development of research programmes that give us a clear insight into local needs, tastes and preferences, we aim to demonstrate our ability to respond to your specific and particular requirements.

Appointing a market leader for your foodservice requirements may have a lot of benefits, but you will still want someone with local knowledge about regional tastes; and you may also want reassurance that, just because we run services for Britain’s biggest businesses, we can also cater cost-effectively for much smaller local outfits.

Our ability to provide individual bespoke services to all our clients is dependent on engaging in a dialogue with you to establish a clear understanding of your needs.

Each site has its own particular characteristics – and indeed characters – and unless we develop a very clear picture of those, in terms of a whole range of criteria, we are unlikely to meet and beat your expectations, which is where we start and finish.

Local Presence - Handpicked Tomatoes


Having maximum geographical reach also gives you the assurance that we know what is going on locally; what your customers’ regional (or sometimes micro-local) tastes are.

By appointing Eurest, you’ll know you will also be supporting local farmers and growers – and that you’ll be getting fresh food delivered through a distribution network focused on driving down food miles so that our food doesn't travel half way across the country unnecessarily .

It also means we can get food orders to you quicker and more flexibly, so if you have an unexpected additional requirement outside your normal delivery times, we’ll be able to get a delivery to you in short order.