Great food without great service is just another meal; a pit-stop, a refuelling moment - like champagne without the fizz, or sausages without the sizzle. Brilliant service is a quintessential part of our food experience; it turns an everyday moment into a memorable event, adding that ‘je ne sais quoi’ – the intangible but essential condiment – to our day.

We’re dedicated to giving great service and building outstanding relationships – the best in the industry, we believe – achieved through an honest acceptance that you can’t provide incredible service if you’ve never experienced it yourself.

Day in day out, we teach our people the skills behind outstanding customer service, putting them in our customers’ shoes – your shoes in fact – and giving them first-hand experience of how a Eurest customer should feel.

We see food and service as a marriage made in heaven; one without the other just doesn’t work.

Great Service Dedication


You want reassurance that the quality you expect in the first flush of enthusiasm will continue throughout our relationship. That is why we spend so much time on collecting customer insights (from you and your people) and ongoing market knowledge from around the world; so we can keep improving the service we give you, as well as bringing you new ideas, food formats and tastes - and different ways of working.

It’s all about customer experience – your customer experience – and all the initiatives described here are only about that one thing; keeping our relationship fresh and honest. We aim to prove to you every day how important your business is to us, and how seriously we take our responsibilities for the trust you have placed in us.