Great Price

We base our costing models on a concept that we call ‘Financial Intelligence’ – ensuring a fair price for the best possible service, established with transparency, integrity and mutual trust. More business relationships break down – in every business sector – because of cost, than any other reason. We refuse to allow this to happen to our business relationships.

Price is incredibly important to you, which is why we listen to you and make sure we understand exactly the kind of foodservice you want and the price you’re looking for. We always strive for honest, transparent relationships built on trust and integrity — we base our pricing on what we call ‘financial intelligence’. We also proactively open up every stage of our cost process to you.

We draw on our position as part of Compass UK & Ireland to deliver economies of scale on your behalf and we challenge every part of our supply chain to find efficiency savings that you can realise within your foodservice operation.

And because we take care of all aspects of cost and service delivery in exactly the way you want, it means you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

Cost Efficient Food


Because we build our entire relationship on fairness and trust, you will not have to keep worrying about whether you are getting the best service or quality for your money; you will know you are.

Important as the foodservice may be to you, at the end of the day, your concerns should be more about delivering your own business commitments; the last thing you need is to have to be worrying about the catering.

By taking out of the equation the need for constant oversight, you can spend more of your valuable executive time on the core concerns of your business.