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When it comes to talking about great food, our people are the ‘unique ingredient'.

They’re not just the icing on the cake or the egg that binds it together, they are the driving force behind the business that deliver unique, award-winning, industry challenging, taste tingling, sensational solutions to you, day after day after day.




Clare’s working career started in a restaurant, which she was soon asked to run; however, a delay in the opening meant that she went to work for Eurest. Although she’d never heard of either Compass Group or Eurest, she loved it and especially the interest that they took in her and her job.

Best of all, Clare loved the scale and opportunities that the role offered and was persuaded to join the Academy development programme for an all-round experience, in order to progress her career for some ‘career rounding’, as it was described. It turned out to be a baptism of fire – with real adrenalin-rush experiences, including one quite unique one working at a large music awards ceremony where Clare learned how to serve three courses and clear the room within a mind boggling 55 minutes.

A further five years at one of our key clients and further support from the academy enabled Clare to become a customer experience champion - fully appreciating the role that excellence plays in both consistency and performance if Eurest is to ensure it meets and exceeds client expectations.

Clare’s current role in Business Excellence is to deliver, along with her seven colleagues, Eurest’s commitments to its clients in terms of health and wellbeing, as well as meeting the broader needs of the business; a considerable balancing act! At present Clare specifically looks after hot beverages - a strategically important component of the business and one that every client and customer demands and expects to be right every time.

Considering the breadth of units across a huge portfolio of clients, with over 1021 individual locations, this is not a mission to be taken lightly; Clare is the two-way link between Eurest and the ultimate customer-facing teams, with the objective of ensuring best practice and delivery of excellence day in, day out.

Clare feels passionately about the level of expertise and detail needed to fulfil Eurest’s desire to get it right – and it’s not about words, but proof through actions.

As Clare puts it, “With the sheer diversity of outlets and individual challenges, needing to meet everyone’s needs – clients, customers (and of course ours) – there’s no shortage of variety or fulfilment – there’s never a dull moment!”

Clare sums up her motivation as being the ability to make a difference every day, and the inspiration that she derives from her colleagues and clients; how the business strives to be consistently the best.