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Why animal accents are no codswallop

Eurest | Geographical spread |  04 May 2017

A plate of fish and chips

It’s a surprising reality that Cornish cod have trouble travelling because of their accents. And their troubles show how important it is to understand what locals want.

Using imitation to get past accents

If you’ve got a strong accent, communicating with people from different parts of the country can sometimes be a struggle.

But because humans are hard-wired to want to empathise and affiliate with one another, we often find ourselves adapting how we speak, depending on who we talk to.

No matter how strong your accent is, it’s likely you often imitate subtle aspects of other people’s speech patterns, from inflection to talking speed.

It’s less simple for fish

For fish, however, there’s no option to impersonate. Fish use their swim bladders (a gas-filled internal organ) to emit a variety of underwater utterances. And, like with people, these sounds change depending on where the fish comes from.

But that’s making fish-travel tricky. Particularly for cod from Cornwall. Scientists found that cod from the far south were struggling to integrate with other schools as they swim north to Scotland. Proving that, even for fish, an unfamiliar accent can mean a lot is lost in translation — particularly if it means they can’t share local knowledge. And that means there’s more confusion and less productivity.

That’s why it’s so important to offer a tailored approach

We’re well aware of how important local knowledge is, because we work successfully across all regions of the UK.

To make sure that we understand exactly what our customers want, we share the insights we gain. We combine our expertise with local knowledge to create a fluency in customer requirements and that always keeps us on your wavelength.

It’s just one of the ways we’re able to deliver a great service, no matter where in the UK your business is based.

So when it comes to our service, nothing is lost in translation.

Discover more about our reach throughout the UK and how we can deliver what your people want, no matter where you are.

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