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What to eat to give your brain a boost

Eurest | Great food |  02 November 2017

Roasted salmon and salad

What to eat to give your brain a boost

When it comes to eating healthily, many of us focus on the benefits to our physical wellbeing, but the right food can boost your brainpower, too.

The benefits of brain food

If you think eating fruit, vegetables and wholegrains is only good for your physical health, think again. Like our bodies, our brains also need a range of nutrients to perform at their best. The food has a significant impact on our ability to concentrate, our memory and even our mood.

Our brains only make up around two per cent of our overall body weight, but they use more than 20 per cent of our daily energy intake to function. And because a fifth of what we consume is being used by the brain, the food we eat has a significant impact on its function.

There are even studies to suggest that what we eat through our lives can directly impact the structure and function of our brains! So, for a more productive day, (or just a better shot at remembering all those figures in the finance meeting), here are the foods to tuck into…

Foods to improve cognitive function

- Nuts, walnuts in particular.

Just 13g of walnuts was all it took to help a group of adults perform significantly better in cognitive tests. Most nuts contain Vitamin E and healthy fats, which make it easier for the brain to transfer information between cells.

- Blueberries for a better memory.

A university study recently concluded that blueberries don’t just help to improve people’s memories, they could potentially reverse nerve cell damage — reversing memory loss!

- Wholegrains to keep your brain function steady throughout the day.

Just like our bodies, our brains benefit from the slow-release energy of low-GI foods. They help us to feel alert, so we can concentrate better and tackle difficult cognitive tasks more easily. (As opposed to how difficult even simple tasks can seem when we’re hungry.)

- Salmon and oily fish for better concentration.

A gold-standard in brain health, oily fish contain the ‘active’ forms of essential omega-3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA. These give our brain a boost in everything from memory, to managing stress and even help to keep us in a good mood by increasing our serotonin levels.

Eating well at work

As you can see, the right foods have a really big impact on our brains as well as our bodies. And for the millions of Brits working in the knowledge economy, that’s particularly vital to helping everyone do their jobs as best they can — not to mention enjoying the mental challenges that are part of many roles.

Luckily, Eurest makes it easy to boost your brainpower, with plenty of tasty, healthy snacks and meals to choose from. So perhaps keep this blog in mind when you head over to your workplace restaurant to grab a mid-afternoon snack. A boosting meal or snack could make focusing this afternoon that much easier.

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