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The most important meal of the day

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  15 January 2015


With the festive season now well and truly behind us, many of us will be looking ahead into 2015 and thinking about what we can do to make healthy change in our lives. You may have resolved to join the gym or sign up for that half marathon, or maybe you’ve decided to banish chocolate bars from your desk drawers. Whatever health challenges you’re setting for yourself this year, we’re here to make it easier.

If you haven’t got around to deciding how to get on the road to healthiness, breakfast is a great place to start. It provides around 25 per cent of your daily nutrient intake, which should be more than enough of a reason to really make it the best you can.

We’ve got a few top tips to keep you fuelled up from dawn to lunch, to stave off hunger pangs and the temptation to reach for the biscuit jar. Firstly, it’s ideal to base your breakfast around starchy carbohydrates, which will fuel your body with energy and help keep you going. So, forget the greasy bacon and fill up with porridge instead.

If you’re pretty happy with your breakfast routine as it stands, there are little changes you can make instead, that bring huge benefits. Try swapping whole milk for skimmed milk, white toast for wholemeal or granary, or your fried egg for a delicious poached one instead. It’s important to take a look at what you’re sipping in the morning, too: a smoothie, juice or piece of fruit are great sources of vitamin C and will help to fill you up, plus the vitamin C will help you absorb any iron in your breakfast.

Our Know Your Food breakfast programme this January is all about making changes to the start of your day that can really make a difference. At least 40 per cent of our promotions will be about being healthier; you can identify them easily by our green tick logo. Our first promotion will be a breakfast one, where you can get a combo of two breakfast items for a great price.

Here at Eurest, we believe that delicious food can also be healthy. That’s why we love the Know Your Food programme, because it’s the best way to give you access to food that tastes amazing, and is good for you too. So whatever your foodie New Years’ resolution, we’ll be right here to give you the support you need.

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