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The ‘Bake Off’ effect

Eurest | Great food |  31 October 2017

Three tier Victoria Sponge cake with cream and strawberries

We’re heading back to baking

For many of us, a Tuesday night now involves sitting in front of the telly with a cuppa to watch The Great British Bake Off. But the incredibly popular show hasn’t just changed how we spend the evening — it’s had a massive impact on our eating (and baking) habits, too.

In the seven years since Bake Off hit our screens, it’s heralded a resurgence, not only in traditional British cakes, sweets and bakes, but also the pastime of baking itself. Even the controversial latest series, airing on Channel 4 as opposed to the BBC, prompted a spike in internet traffic to kitchenware pages, which jumped 42 per cent following the first episode.

Baking is no longer something for birthdays or gran’s house. According to Harris Interactive research sector head Lucia Juliano: “The Bake Off continues to inspire one in 10 females to bake and is especially popular with women aged 25 to 34… It seems that our love of baking is here to stay, with a third of people baking at least weekly. This increases to nearly half of 25 to 34-year-olds, with London being one of the baking hotspots.”

Making baking a business

This new-found passion for baking isn’t stopping in the kitchen, though — since 2012 there’s been an incredible 1,200 per cent increase in independent bakeries around the UK. That’s a whole lot of Victoria Sponges, Eccles Cakes, bite-size brownies, fresh bread-rolls and more!

It seems that Britons are increasingly choosing baked good for everyday occasions, as opposed to traditional cake-related events, like birthdays. So whether that’s a Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert, or a Bakewell tart with your lunchtime coffee, more and more of us are returning to traditional sweets.

The same… but different

One of the really exciting changes that Bake Off has brought about is the adventurous flavour-combinations it’s encouraged bakers to explore in their creations. From tweaks like blueberry Bakewells, to Thai tofu Panang Yorkshire Puddings, the diverse array of contestants on the show has encouraged bakers to incorporate flavours from around the world into their treats.

At Eurest, we love including delicious baked British treats and plenty of other, more exotic, options on our menus. Why not head over to your workplace restaurant and indulge with a cup of tea this lunchtime?

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