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Sweet hearts

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  27 June 2014

heart coffee

A swarthy, James Bond-type figure slips silently inside through an open window and silently places a box of chocolates — and a rose — by a beautiful, sleeping woman. For over 30 years, nothing was too much trouble for the Milk Tray man, whether it required leaping from a moving train or diving off a cliff into dangerous waters.

Such a specimen of good health must have had a strong heart. Perhaps he snaffled some of the box’s contents en route?

Recent studies have found that chocolate — specifically dark chocolate — is actually good for the heart.

Scientists have discovered that bacteria in the gut react to dark chocolate and make it 'healthy'. Once consumed, the chocolate is fermented into useful anti-inflammatory compounds that are good for the heart. Results suggest that adding fruit to dark chocolate could boost this fermentation process.

And this is only the beginning. The US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute plan to trial a chocolate pill to tackle heart disease. The aim of the study is to see whether there are health benefits from chocolate's ingredients, minus the sugar and fat.

At Eurest, we look at healthy eating from a viewpoint of loving food, rather than just ticking boxes. This means that our menus are delicious first and foremost — and also happen to be healthy.

As part of Compass Group UK & Ireland, we’ve signed up to the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal, reducing salt and saturated fats in our menus without losing that all-important great taste. 

What’s more, hundreds of our workplace restaurants display nutritional information next to each meal so customers can make an informed choice about what they’re eating. We’ve introduced Know Your Food boards too, giving our customers additional information about health and wellbeing as well as other important facts around ethical and sustainable sourcing. 

We leave the roses and danger to the Milk Tray man; we show how much we care by giving you everything you need to make healthy and delicious choices. 

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