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Have a hot drink and lift your day!

Eurest | Great food |  19 December 2017

A mug of hot chocolate

From the minute we get up to last thing at night, hot drinks cheer us up, especially on cold days. From a nice cuppa, to a creamy hot chocolate, or an invigorating espresso, our love of hot beverages keeps growing.

As a nation, we’re buying more hot drinks than ever, and in a survey early this year, nearly 70 per cent of respondents said a quality coffee offer made the workplace a better place to be, and nearly 40 per cent will leave their office to go and get one, if there isn’t one on site!

That’s why, wherever possible, we ensure that our customers have a high quality coffee offer on site, to meet this demand. What’s more … as we get into the festive season, and chilly weather creeps in, we also offer other treats - such as luxury hot chocolate, flavoured coffee syrups and festive bakery nibbles – to give winter afternoons a boost.


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