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Getting in on the auction

Eurest | Great price |  22 March 2016


eBay has reached its ripe old age thanks to the outstanding value it offers to all its customers . Just like we do.

Did you know that eBay celebrated its 20th birthday this year? To mark the occasion we thought we'd take a look at why the world’s biggest marketplace has become such an integral part of our online-shopping lives.

Part of eBay’s genius is that it gives us the chance to get our hands on pretty much anything we can think of, no matter how obscure it is. Where else could you buy:

• Gum chewed by Britney Spears (retailing for up to $100, apparently) — people apparently picked up the masticated gum at concerts and outside the pop star’s house before deciding to cash in on their lucky finds.

• An entire Californian town — the town of Bridgeville might have had only 18 people in it at the time, but that didn’t stop the owner setting the starting bid at $1.75 million.

• A tortilla chip shaped like the Pope’s hat — in 2005 an American casino paid $1,209 for a Dorito that bore a striking resemblance to the Pope’s famous hat.

In the end though, it’s the value we get from eBay that’s made it the success it is today, and why, 20 years later, it’s stronger than ever. The bidding side of the site gives you the opportunity to pick items up at amazingly low prices (as long as someone doesn’t sneak in and outbid you, right at the last second).

Luckily you won’t have to bid to get your next meal at one of our restaurants — there’s plenty of food for everyone. eBay proves how successful you can be when you offer what people want at a great price. And that’s something we strive to do in all of our restaurants around the UK.  

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