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Food with super powers

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  04 April 2014


Do you remember the old wives’ tales we were told as children about the super powers of food? Crusts that make your hair curly; carrots that make you see in the dark and spinach that gives you bulging muscles. But they just turned out to be sneaky tactics to make us clear our plate.

Nowadays, do you actually know what your food does for you? Here are six foods and the (real, honest Injun) reasons that they’ll make you feel marvellous and do you some good: 

Blueberries are the ultimate immune-boosting fruit because they’re rich in anti-oxidants. So, why not add a few on top of your cereal or as a mid-morning super-snack? 

Don’t be a salad dodger — the many varieties of lettuce and salad greens are perfect if you’re trying to detox; most lettuces contain valuable amounts of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. So always remember to put those leaves in your sandwiches and don’t skip that side salad.

Beetroot is bursting with minerals providing anti inflammatory and immune boosting properties. It’s an all round winner.

You only need to eat two or three Brazil nuts a day to benefit from their great combination of immune-boosting nutrients, they’re packed with vitamin E, selenium and B vitamins.

Grapefruit, (if you can handle the tartness) has immune-boosting, antiseptic, wound-healing and anti-bacterial properties — lovely as part of a fresh breakfast.

Lots of people are put off by garlic because they worry about smelly breath, but maybe they wouldn’t if they knew what good it really does. It strengthens the heart and blood and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. So why not add another clove to your spaghetti bolognaise, it’ll do you some good. 

At Eurest we think you should know about the food you’re eating. That’s why we provide nutritional information about our food offerings, so that we can give your people all the facts they need to make informed and healthy eating choices.

We believe we have wide-ranging responsibilities to educate and inform our customers and their people about the foods we provide to help them maintain a balanced diet, and power through their workload.

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