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Don’t let it rain on your parade

Eurest | Great food |  07 August 2014

Don't let it rain on your parade


Whether it’s the scent of charcoal in the air or pillars of white smoke curling up from your neighbour’s garden, nothing says summer like rounding up friends and family round a calmly smoking grill.

Sadly, one of the banes of British life — the weather — can sometimes (literally) put a dampener on our backyard banquets, forcing us to stick the burgers under the grill to enjoy with a nice warm cup of tea instead.

It’s a shame when something gets in the way of your plans; especially if they involved enjoying great food with fabulous company. Sometimes, once you’ve set your heart on a particular taste, nothing else will do. No one wants to compromise on their (pun alert) ‘grate’ expectations and settle for second best.

It’s one thing when a home barbeque gets rained off; it’s quite another when your workplace doesn’t come up to scratch and fails to offer you the selection of delicious and interesting tastes you deserve.

That’s why we’ve made sure we’ve got a cracking range of street foods for you to enjoy, whatever the weather. Our menus are chock-a-block with more street-inspired flavours than ever before. Expect to see dishes like our ultimate beech wood-smoked frankfurters combined with a range of exciting toppings, Mexican burritos with authentic tacos, fragrant Indonesian curry, warming Caribbean jerk, delicious slow-cooked meats and much, much more coming to a restaurant near you.

So banish those rainy summer blues and keep your eyes peeled for more fresh choices, heading for a home on your menu soon. 

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