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Cyber Monday

Eurest | Great service |  03 December 2012


Do you know what you'll be doing around 9pm today? No?

Well according to the statistical soothsayers, there's a strong possibility you'll be shopping online, getting ahead with your Christmas buying. It's predicted on 3 December the UK collectively will spend 15million hours shopping online, making in excess of 100million visits to e-retailers - an increase of 36 per cent on 2011's Cyber Monday e-shopping levels (Digital Strategy Consulting, 2012)...Read more

As high street retailers create seamless multi-platform experiences (or, as we would say, make it easy to mix browsing, buying and delivery between online and in store), online shopping has really taken off; we know that buying online from a high street name will be consistent, reliable and trustworthy. You're confident that your online shopping experience will reach the same high standards, whether you're selecting in Scunthorpe or clicking in Clacton.

But maybe you're looking for a gift that's more of a one-off; something handmade or vintage. Then you might turn to a local boutique or a shopping area with a distinctly independent-feel - the Portobello Markets of this world - also online and eager for your custom.

But wait - you might get that perfect something, but you also risk an uncertain service experience. Will it arrive on time? Will it live up to the glowing description? What happens if you want to return it?

So big-operation security versus small-trader individuality? Reliability versus a more personal touch?

Well in the world of workplace restaurants you don't have to choose; you can have the reassurance of partnering with the UK's leading provider and the personal service that comes with an offering tailored on a site-by-site basis. Maybe one of your sites wants to major on favourite local dishes. Maybe one of your sites wants a menu that focuses on hearty meals for people who have physical jobs with high energy requirements. That's okay - you can have it all, underpinned by our big-operation infrastructure so you know what's promised can and will be delivered.

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