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Changing the colours of your palate

Eurest | Great food |  08 October 2013


Earlier in September, young oysters were reintroduced to an abandoned oyster bed in Swansea. The aptly named ‘Oystermouth’ is hoping to meet increasing demands for shellfish; the British Shellfish Association reports 10 per cent growth in the industry over the past three years (Prior, 2013).

Mussels and prawns, along with oysters have seen a significant rise in popularity. So, what’s prompted our palate to crave more seafood? 

There are suggestions that a shift in emphasis in cookery programmes has encouraged us to try new types of fish, experimenting beyond the well-known cod and haddock to discover the likes of pollock and halibut, as well as a whole range of shellfish. It’s also likely that a firm commitment by celebrity chefs to cook only sustainably sourced fish has prompted people to become more environmentally concerned about their selection of seafood.

However, it’s not only fish that’s seen a turn in the tides. With more awareness about sourcing we are slowly returning to the era where our meals are more influenced by foods that are available in season than purely what’s available on the shelf.

Being part of a global company gives Eurest the opportunity to provide a range of fantastic foods; working with local farmers to provide seasonal produce as well as introducing other taste experiences from across the world. And because we keep ahead of trends, you can be sure that we’re always ready to meet changing tastes with quality dishes to satisfy all your palate preferences. 

Prior, N. (2013) ‘TV boosts Wales' shellfish industry revival’, BBC News Wales, 16 September 2013 [online], (Accessed 17 September 2013).

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