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Bidding for better value

Eurest | Great price |  04 July 2017


Going into something blind is a daunting thing to do but, if you’ve ever spent a lazy weekend afternoon doing a bit of channel-hopping, you might well be familiar with a US programme called Storage Wars where people do exactly that. They bid on abandoned self-storage units without knowing the full contents in the hope that they can get it for a song and then sell the best of the contents on to make a juicy profit.

When people fail to keep up with payments on self-storage lockers, the contents become the property of the self-storage company. Storage Wars follows the companies which hold auctions in which people bid on the full contents of lockers without knowing exactly what’s hiding away. Bidders get a tiny glimpse of the locker, with the items covered up, and then its decision time.

After a tense, whirlwind of an auction, the show gets to the fun part: the winning bidder picks through the storage unit to see what untold treasures (or rubbish) are now in their possession. The mystery of what has been acquired is the real hook of the show and, of course, the fact that the winner has no idea whether they can make a profit on the items.

The camera follows the winning bidder as they pick through the items they’ve bought trying to work out how much money they can make. From dusty old cupboards to pristine vintage cars, bags and bags of fancy dress to curious looking trinkets, the winning bidder might have hit the jackpot or may end up licking their wounds while trying to flog a box of coat hangers.

It makes great TV, but where else in life would you happily part with your cash without knowing whether you’d be getting value for money or not? It’s a strange concept to us here at Eurest because we believe every transaction should deliver true value for our customer. In fact, everything we do is centred around providing the best experience at a great price — a bid that wins us the game, every time.

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