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A refreshing restaurant experience

Eurest | Great service |  25 April 2017


Catering for your people shouldn’t mean having to compromise, which is why Product Design and Development firm Cambridge Consultants worked with us on a radical re-think of its restaurant to make sure every employee could enjoy an ideal eating experience.

The challenge
Cambridge Consultants had a 150-seat workplace restaurant that was struggling to cope with the demand of a 400-strong workforce. Working together, we realised that some thorough thinking would have to take place, but with the implementation of some major changes the renovation could be a success.

An ideal relationship
The refurbishment process strengthened our already positive relationship with Cambridge Consultants, leaving both companies with new skills and experience.

“They’re professional and approachable”, says Rebecca Badcock, Function Manager at Cambridge Consultants. “The team take care of everything for us. Even with things like food regulations, they’ve already thought about it and are ready with proposals. Basically, we know that they’re dealing with everything and we don’t have to worry. I’m not sure how they could do more.”

The process of refurbishing Cambridge Consultants’ restaurant was a challenging task, but a rewarding one. To find out more about how we went about the refurbishment, the problems we faced and what we learned along the way, take a look at the full case study

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