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A little knowledge can go a long, long way…

Eurest | Geographical spread |  23 May 2017


Sharing knowledge is key to any organisation’s success. And that’s why we follow the example of Wikipedia.

Meet the people who know everything

You might not be a student desperately trying to write an essay, but there’s a good chance you’ve used Wikipedia at some point. After all, it’s a pretty popular reference site.

Wikipedia has been going for almost 15 years now. And in that time, it has become one of the top ten most-visited websites in the whole world (yes, we got that stat from Wikipedia). And no wonder — it gives people information on any topic in the world, free of charge. No springing for textbooks or tour guides…

The English version alone (one of 291 languages Wikipedia comes in) has more than five million articles, and gets nearly 500 million unique visitors every month — that’s more people than live in the entire US.

Sharing is caring

So how has Wikipedia become such a massive success? What is it that makes people want to visit it over other informational websites? Well, part of its appeal is that anyone can edit the articles. And we mean absolutely anyone. Go ahead and try it if you want.

Of course, Wikipedia has a large team of editors and people making sure we don’t just post lies and errant nonsense to the site (like that one time some bright spark changed Gary Oldman’s page to say that he is a giraffe – we’re fairly sure that’s not true). But ultimately, all of the information on the site comes from the general public.

The upshot of this is that the people who edit articles are usually experts in their chosen topic (sort of like the contestants on Mastermind). And with Wikipedia’s ability to share their information around the world, this means that anyone, anywhere, can gain access to expert knowledge about pretty much any topic.

Following the foodservice plan

Here at Eurest, we follow a similar plan to Wikipedia. We too have a sharing culture that allows us to give our people access to all the knowledge they need to deliver a great dining experience — wherever in the world they are.

This means we’re able to share best practice with every single one of our sites, making sure every customer has the best service possible. And whenever someone comes up with a great new idea for how to do things better, we share that too.

So when you work with us, you get far more than the expertise of your on-site team — you also have a global network of staff working together to share knowledge and bring your people a great meal every time they sit down to eat with us.

Discover more about how our global team works together to make sure you can share a great dining experience with your colleagues.

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