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A brew-tiful new way to drink tea

Eurest | Understanding you |  24 May 2016


Nine in ten British people drink a cup of tea every day, but very few of us will have drunk tea quite like this…

A place to relax

Imagine heading to the pub after a long day. You make your way to the bar and ask the bartender what they’ve got on tap. “A nice earl grey,” he says. Sounds a bit strange, but hey, why not try something a bit different. As steaming hot water comes out of the tap and into a tea pot, you realise that the bartender really was talking tea.  

But this is no fantasy. That’s right, there’s a pub called Brew, opening in London, that’ll sell just one beverage — tea.

Turning over a new (loose) leaf

The pub was successfully crowdfunded last year, showing that people love tea enough to put their money where their mouth is. When it opens, Brew will offer a relaxing, pub atmosphere for tea-lovers to enjoy their favourite drink. On top of that, it wants to introduce people to the joys of different kinds of tea — especially loose-leaf, which the owner believes is far superior to its bagged brothers.

The main aim of the restaurant though, is to give the UK’s numerous tea lovers what they want — a decent cuppa. And Brew knows that there’s a demand: hotel tea rooms have grown massively in popularity over recent years and leading tea suppliers have had to expand by 600 per cent to cope with demand.

Brew understands that all people really need in life is a cup of Rosy Lee and a nice comfortable place to drink it.

It’s all about your needs

Like Brew, we use our understanding of your needs to improve the services we provide.

It’s an important part of our relationship with you. We gain insight into your core business values, using it to improve the way we deliver services.

Put simply, we give you the services you need — just the way you like them.

Discover more about how we work to understand you and your business, to give you the service you want.



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