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The ‘Bake Off’ effect

Eurest| Great food| 31 October 2017

Three tier Victoria Sponge cake with cream and strawberries

Turns out tuning into The Great British Bake Off hasn’t just changed how we spend Tuesday night — here’s how the Bake Off effect is changing what we put on the table. More....

Breakfast: a wake-up call

Eurest| Great food| 27 October 2017

Eggs on toast

Dark winter mornings sometimes make it difficult to get out of bed. But hitting the snooze button too often can mean missing out on breakfast… More....

Dam fine work there

Eurest| Great service| 27 July 2017

A beaver sitting in grass.

Reintroducing beavers into England could work wonders for the environment. We explore why that is, and what it means for foodservice. More....

Did we make you smile?

Eurest| Great service| 24 November 2016

Did we make you smile poster

We recently discovered that our customer feedback scheme, ‘Did we make you smile?’, is up for an award. Here’s the story of how it happened. More....

Watch what you eat

Eurest| Great food| 20 October 2016

Chef Working

In the UK, we now spend more time watching food on TV than we do actually cooking it. But the tale of our appetite apathy doesn’t stop there. More....

Lunchtime learning

Eurest| | 18 October 2016

sandwich selection

Lunchtime in the UK is a constantly shifting concept. Discover how we’ve managed to get a good grip on it. More....

Morgan a feelin’

Eurest| Consistency| 18 August 2016

Dinner Serving

Morgan Motors has been hand-crafting cars for over a hundred years, and now they’re more popular than ever. The secret to its success? Consistency. More....

Puurrrrfect service

Eurest| Great service| 31 May 2016

Great service

A 'cat pub' is drawing customers from far and wide because it's creating a fresh service experience — something we strive to do every day. More....

Cracking the code

Eurest| Great people| 08 August 2017


Learning to code helps us adapt to the language of a digital future, preparing us for new careers that have yet to be invented… More....

High-flying service

Eurest| Geographical spread| 10 March 2016


Living in the middle of the outback or in a city, every child in Australia gets the same education. Incredible things happen when people think beyond geographical boundaries. More....

We won’t leave you with a screw loose

Eurest| Great people| 07 February 2017


Did you know that Ikea tests its furniture out in Japan and South Korea because people there have the smallest living spaces? That’s exactly the kind of thinking that goes into the training processes we use to develop our great people. More....

Becoming a best-seller

Eurest| Understanding you| 05 September 2017


High-street booksellers have long struggled to compete with the convenience and price of online stores. But here’s how Amazon has responded to give its customers what they want. More....

Have a tasty autumn

Eurest| Great food| 29 November 2016


Our favourite autumn recipes are perfect for the season, whether you want traditional comfort food or an energising boost. More....

Beach life

Eurest| Being safe| 01 August 2017


When summer comes it’s important to get outside. It’s also important to stay safe in the sun though, so here are some tips for summer safety. More....

Dancing to your own tune

Eurest| Local presence| 02 May 2017


The maypole dance is a favourite springtime celebration across the country. With the details of the dance changing from place to place, it’s the perfect example of how local varieties often add a little spice to life. More....

Tea time with a difference

Eurest| Consistency| 27 June 2017


Afternoon tea at the Ritz is a masterclass in consistently high standards. At Eurest we also strive rigorously to achieve the service that our customers expect and deserve. More....

The perfect Easter feast

Eurest| Great food| 24 March 2016


A centrepiece of tender lamb surrounded by fresh, seasonal spring vegetables and the jewel glow of homemade mint sauce… our chefs share their top tips. More....

With love...

Eurest| Great food| 12 February 2015


Lovingly-prepared food is a Valentine’s Day staple, and something that’s close to the hearts of Eurest’s chefs every day. More....

Just right...

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 30 December 2014


Portion size is a major and often overlooked element of eating healthily. Take a look at our tips for making sure the size is right, every time. More....

Fair and square

Eurest| Geographical spread| 04 December 2014


Here at Eurest we like to try and give a little back. By supporting EATFAIR and using suppliers dedicated to Fairtrade, we know that our ingredients are provided by a good and reliable source. More....

Passing it on

Eurest| Great people| 11 August 2016


At Eurest, we recruit the most passionate people and give each team member the chance to reach the very top — giving our pupils the chance to become leaders. More....

Making tasty choices

Eurest| Great food| 04 November 2014


There shouldn't be a choice between healthy and tasty. At Eurest, we ensure that our food is prepared to the best nutritional standards so that you make the right choice, everytime. More....

Shopping around

Eurest| Understanding you| 18 July 2017

shopping around courgettes

With our shopping and eating habits today more varied than ever, it's vital to keep up with the latest trends. At Eurest, we try to do exactly that, to deliver the variety you need. More....

Say (cheddar) cheese

Eurest| Local presence| 14 October 2014

say cheddar cheese Eurest

Just like Joseph Harding, at Eurest, we know the importance of embracing local. Find out why cheddar cheese is so special and why we believe in local produce. More....

Amazing Graze…

Eurest| Understanding you| 07 October 2014

Eurest snacking research amazing graze

Times are changing — recent research into snacking habits has resulted in some intriguing insights. Find out what new trends might mean for eating at work. More....

Should we stick to the recipe?

Eurest| Great food| 23 September 2014


At Eurest we have a back-log of trusty recipes, and tried and tested methods that keep our service standards so high. But we also like a sprinkle of innovation — bringing a zing and excitement to what we offer. More....

The magnetism of the market place

Eurest| Geographical spread| 18 September 2014


Variety is the spice of life — our wide selection of recipes from around the globe mean that you can experience the flavours of Indian street food on one day, and enjoy an amazing Italian-inspired dish the next. More....

Anything but a trifling performance

Eurest| Consistency| 21 February 2017


Our initiatives are designed to ensure that we do what we do better than anyone else in the market, and to assure you that you’ll benefit from our dedication to developing our service and improving your daily experience. More....

Don't forget your passport

Eurest| Great food| 11 September 2014


We believe that just like travel, nutritious, healthy food at work doesn’t have to be one of life’s luxuries. We’ve made it a priority to ensure that our workplace restaurants provide great tasting food that every member of staff can enjoy. More....

Light bulb moment

Eurest| Corporate Responsibility| 09 September 2014


At Eurest, we’re always on the lookout for the little things that, taken together, make up the bigger picture. We’re proud to have been given the Environmentally Friendly Logistics award by Footprint Awards. More....

Snap, sizzle and simmer

Eurest| Great food| 17 March 2016


At Eurest, we’re all about providing your people with food to stimulate their senses, to make refuelling your body a celebration of life rather than a necessary chore. More....

Magic for the mind

Eurest| Great food| 20 August 2015


We aim to improve awareness of healthy eating and provide nourishing, balanced and delicious meals that feed minds and bodies as well as tickling the taste buds. More....

Think outside the cube

Eurest| Great service| 12 May 2016


We’ve learnt a lot about foodservice over the past seventy years, and our honed skills lie in knowing what makes great service exactly that — great. More....

About time

Eurest| Understanding you| 07 January 2016

About time

Time waits for no man, as the saying goes, and we all live our lives by it. Not knowing the time is incredibly disorientating and a real problem for people who are blind. More....

Simply the best

Eurest| Understanding you| 21 July 2016

Simply the best

For the food obsessive, searching for the perfect food is a way of life. Whether it’s growing their own carrots, searching far and wide for the perfect cheese, or making flawless bread with flour ground by their very own homemade mill — the food obsessed More....

The latest chow down

Eurest| Corporate Responsibility| 24 July 2014

The latest chow down

Street food has burst out of the confines of pies, pasties and fish-and-chips to become a new culinary force to be reckoned with. These days there’s a mind-blowing variety of cuisines on our streets, wafting a world of new and enticing fragrances our way. More....

Trumpeting great service

Eurest| Great service| 22 July 2014

Trumpeting great service

The scope of some things is as hard to grasp as jelly in your hands. You can have a measurement, but it can mean very little to you because what’s involved is so vast it makes the brain boggle. More....

The art of letting go

Eurest| Consistency| 17 July 2014

The art of letting go

It’s difficult, letting go. A meaningful relationship takes hard work, investment, and it can come as a shock when a break-up comes out of the blue. Relationships can give you a sense of comfort, identity and belonging — when they go it can leave you feel More....

The toastie trend

Eurest| Great food| 17 August 2017

Toastie trend

Do you remember platform shoes? I certainly have memories of clumping around in my cousin’s platforms feeling like a million pounds — but that was then. Now it’s a style that’s creeping back into today’s trends, would you be seen wearing them? More....

Act global, think local

Eurest| Local presence| 10 July 2014

act global, think local

In the UK we’re big on history and tradition; we’re famous the world over for it. As any tourist will tell you — from the battle fields to the battlements, the pagans to the palaces — every part of our isles is teeming with stories; and that includes our More....

Screen saviours

Eurest| Understanding you| 08 July 2014

Screen saviours

We’re in a world packed with communication technology. Those brightly lit rectangular screens are always with us, both a boon and a blessing, from computer monitors at work to laptops and tablets at home. More....

Athl-eat like a champion

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 03 July 2014

Tour de France diets

Nine flat stages. Five hill stages. Six mountain stages with altitude finishes. One individual time trial stage. A total distance of 3,664 kilometres… The 101st Tour de France is certainly not for the faint-hearted. More....

Sweet hearts

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 27 June 2014

heart coffee

At Eurest, we look at healthy eating from a viewpoint of loving food, rather than just ticking boxes. This means that our menus are delicious first and foremost — and also happen to be healthy. More....

Practise what you preach

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 24 June 2014

salad bar

We went that extra mile to make sure that people could have a straightforward understanding of the nutritional values of the food they were eating; everything produced onsite is nutritionally analysed and labelled. More....

Good things come to those… in a hurry

Eurest| Great service| 19 June 2014


At Eurest, we think that great food and brilliant service should always go hand in hand. The quicker you get your carefully-prepared meal, the longer it gives you to relax and unwind while you savour the flavours and experience. More....

The only way is up

Eurest| Corporate Responsibility| 17 June 2014


You’ve heard of shouting from the rooftops, but what about gardening? Not crossed your mind? When space is at a premium, the only way is up, as rooftop allotments are bringing new life to urban areas. More....

Signed, sealed, delivered...

Eurest| Consistency| 25 July 2017


It may taste peculiar, it may have a satisfying rip-and-stick function or it may need a bit of sticky tape to hold it down, but when you post a letter you seal the envelope — right? More....

Determination to dazzle

Eurest| Great food| 10 June 2014


Move over Mary Berry: CakeBomb are the new kids in town, a newly formed and incredibly creative group of 17 cake artists from all over the UK. More....

Plastic fantastic

Eurest| Local presence| 19 November 2015


Displayed on a round table is the most dazzling ensemble of 40 Chinese dishes. Every plate is presented with the utmost care and detail; onlooker’s mouths may water, but there’s no use tucking in — it’s all plastic. More....

Reaching for the top

Eurest| Great people| 03 June 2014

stawberry dessert

We like to think our people push themselves to achieve great things every day and we’ve been proved right: the British Culinary Federation has named the members of the English National Culinary Team and our very own Eurest Chef, Ben Ford is taking part. More....

Webcast latest

Eurest| General| 27 May 2014

To find out what happened in our latest webcast on 'workplaces of the future', watch-again - available now. More....

As sound as a pound

Eurest| Great price| 22 May 2014


Being able to tell whether something is genuine is a pretty useful skill, particularly when it comes to things we value — relationships, possessions, services we buy. It’s all about knowing where you stand. More....

Healthy menus? We do the maths

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 20 May 2014

healthy food

You don’t need to be a genius to understand that the secret of a healthy diet lies in getting the balance right. Sometimes, it’s hard to know how to achieve that without spending lots of time figuring out food values and making the numbers stack up. More....

Futuristic foods

Eurest| Local presence| 15 May 2014

futuristic food

A little bit of experimentation now and then is fun. Check out some of the more bizarre food trends supposed to be making it big in 2014: More....

Keeping time

Eurest| Consistency| 04 February 2016


It’s hard to imagine a world without clocks; we rely on them so heavily in our day-to-day lives. So what would happen if our clocks stopped working? More....

Mechanical manners

Eurest| Great people| 01 November 2016


A customer’s dining experience is hugely dependant on the service they receive from the waiters. An enjoyable atmosphere is going to encourage your customers to come back time and time again. More....

Time for an adventure?

Eurest| Geographical spread| 13 October 2015

sea view

Now, we might not be able to get to the North Pole but we can get to every corner of the UK, and with such a mixed portfolio of offerings, you can be sure that whatever type of service you want; we have the expertise and experience to deliver it. More....

Time is a precious thing

Eurest| Great service| 23 April 2014

chef and manager

One of the first lessons you learn when looking to open a restaurant is that your environment needs to draw custom in. You want your welcome to reach out to people, to bring them in and to keep them there. More....

Arms up: here comes the feather

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 17 April 2014

Arms up: here comes the feather

What type of laughter do you have? Do you let out a little giggle, or a cackle? Does a snigger or snort sneak out or do you unleash an almighty roar? Well, according to a recent study, laughing is a natural pain killer and it can make us feel better. More....

The full package

Eurest| Great service| 14 March 2017


For a customer to remember a restaurant it needs to have something different, an extra-special quirk that will compel them to go back and also tell their friends all about it. Here are some great examples… More....

Communication, take a bow

Eurest| Great people| 10 April 2014

ballet shoes

At Eurest, we know that to find exactly the right solution for you — and execute it with the precision and efficiency of a ballerina — we need to discover and understand your vision for your workplace. More....

A nail-biting hike

Eurest| Being safe| 10 September 2015


Mount Hua Shan is described as one of the most terrifying hikes in the world. Some fearless people go to flabbergasting extremes and hand-shaking heights on a walk in China. More....

Food with super powers

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 04 April 2014


Do you remember the old wives’ tales we were told as children about the super powers of food? Crusts that make your hair curly; carrots that make you see in the dark and spinach that gives you bulging muscles. But they just turned out to be sneaky tactics More....

Sunshine and showers

Eurest| Being safe| 25 March 2014


It’s time to sing happy birthday to the BBC weather forecast — it’s been 61 years since the first television weatherman appeared on a UK screen, wielding a wax crayon on a weather chart. More....

A match made in heaven

Eurest| Understanding you| 18 March 2014

till and customer

It’s mind-blowing to think that the internet is such a recent invention that the man who created it is still alive, waving cheerfully to us all during the London 2012 opening ceremony. More....

New worlds of flavour

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 13 March 2014

world food

Variety: we know it’s a good thing — and yet our tastes and prejudices get in the way. To a certain extent this is beyond our control because our taste partialities have evolutionary roots. More....

Take out and take off in the morning

Eurest| Great service| 11 March 2014

boiled egg

Getting your day going can be as finely-timed and planned as the countdown to a space launch; have you got keys, laptop, phone, cash? Unfortunately, your on-schedule start, more often than not, comes at the expense of making time for breakfast. More....

All things to all people

Eurest| Great service| 27 August 2015


Our grandparents knew what was what and their days were segmented into chunks with specific functions: time to work, time to eat, time to sleep and, rarely, time to relax. More....

24 to the rescue

Eurest| General| 17 February 2014


The culture of your workplace is changing. Generally, we’re moving to a less regimented time structure for working and this has knock-on effects. More....

Sizzle and spice from the street

Eurest| Great food| 12 February 2014

fusion food

The heat beats down and every breeze carries tantalising scents of local specialities, wafting across from street stalls and overwhelming your senses with mouth-watering possibilities. More....

You ain't no dummy

Eurest| Understanding you| 28 January 2014

Fresh food

The eyes that seem to follow you as you walk past; the poses that would make a real body ache to the bone. Shop dummies, or mannequins, are everywhere and at a glance, appear identical. More....

A slice of memory, custard optional

Eurest| Consistency| 24 January 2014


It’s both human nature and a matter of physiology that we like the familiar. And, when it’s a real food favourite, we love to know that the experience would be exactly the same every time, no matter where we are or who’s creating it. More....

Shake up your wake up

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 22 January 2014


How about starting your day with a spring in your step and a mind that’s just fizzing with fresh potential? How about waking up knowing it’s going to be a good day? More....

Making old the new ‘new’

Eurest| Geographical spread| 15 January 2014

Seasonal apples

If you came across a beautiful building being allowed to crumble gracefully into the ground, chances are you’d be outraged. But the idea of protecting foods at risk of becoming ‘extinct’ in our society? Well it’s happening and gathering momentum. More....

Healthy number crunching

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 05 May 2016


We’re dreaming of the sun now, thinking of holidays and long, warm evenings with a cool glass in hand. We want to look good, toned and healthy — so we set ourselves targets. But are we setting ourselves up to fail? More....

Roll with it

Eurest| Local presence| 02 January 2014


Bun, bap, stottie, cob, nudger, bin lid, bannock, blaa or barm cake — what do you call that taste of home? More....

Bubbles up your nose, value in your pocket

Eurest| Great price| 16 August 2016

cup of soup

It’s a generally accepted assumption that the higher the price the better the quality; we use it all the time without thinking. That packet of biscuits costs more so they must be extra delicious. But is that always true? More....

Are you feeling it?

Eurest| Great food| 18 December 2013


There’s long been a debate about whether the loss of one sense is compensated for by other senses. Does blindness make your hearing better? Does deafness sharpen your sense of touch? Of course it could all be an old wives’ tale. More....

Food personalities

Eurest| Understanding you| 17 February 2016


You get into work and look across your desk to see a fellow colleague snacking on a breakfast biscuit with a cup of tea — what do you think? Late riser; busy worker? More....

Naturally speaking

Eurest| Great people| 05 December 2013

customer servce

Lately we’ve seen a huge customer service drive, with many businesses implementing tools to improve the consumer experience. Many companies have utilised digital technologies, providing online services to track parcels... More....

How to make... Christmas party foods

Eurest| Recipes| 03 December 2013

Learn how to make a selection of delicious party foods for the festive season. This month we show you how to make brie and cranberry parcels, potted pork and a smoked salmon and king prawn crostini. More....

Neither shaken, nor stirred

Eurest| Geographical spread| 21 April 2016

Changing tastes

Mojitos, Margaritas and Martinis are classic cocktails that draw comparisons to our trusty evening meals. Just like lasagne and spaghetti bolognaise we know that they’re a safe choice — rarely able to disappoint and often tempting us back for seconds. More....

Food to change your mood

Eurest| Great food| 12 November 2015

Food to change your mood

We all have those days. The ones where work’s been crazily busy, the traffic queues have left you beating your head against the steering wheel, and then the penny drops: you remember that you’ve arranged to go out for a meal with friends. More....

Comparatively speaking

Eurest| Great price| 29 October 2013

Comparatively speaking

In today’s society there’s a lot of focus on cost, be it supermarkets offering to match prices, or comparison websites providing you with the lowest quotes for home, car and pet insurance. More....

Service and a smile

Eurest| Great service| 23 October 2013


Check in with the mother in law; pick the kids up from the cinema; iron a few things before the morning; write up those meeting notes — you’ve got a bazillion of things to do before bedtime. Will it be yet another microwave dinner for one? More....

Feel the fear and eat it anyway

Eurest| General| 18 October 2013

Feel the fear and eat it anyway

Whether a fussy eater or serious gourmand, we all have foods that we don’t particularly like. Be it brussels sprouts, oysters or haggis, there’s a certain something about our food aversions. More....

Waste not, want not

Eurest| Corporate Responsibility| 15 October 2013

Waste not, want not

Recycling has become part of our daily lives, with websites dedicated to the inspired uses of jam jars, creative ways to upcycle furniture and tutorials to help refashion tired clothes. However, a few observant city dwellers took it one step further... More....

More than just marketing

Eurest| Consistency| 14 September 2017

More than just marketing

How often have you walked around the supermarket to find yourself picking up products you didn’t even know you wanted? Shiny packets, sleek designs and alluring messages are all part of getting you to make the purchase. More....

Science has gone sour on sugar

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 26 September 2013

science has gone sour on sugar

We all know that sugar harms our teeth — not only have dentists been telling us so for years but the damage makes its presence known in tooth decay. But when it comes to more general health we don’t think of sugar as public enemy number one. More....

The rise of self-grazing power

Eurest| Understanding you| 06 September 2013


1776 was a watershed year for writers on both sides of the Atlantic; on the American side Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and on this side Adam Smith wrote “The Wealth of Nations”, paving the way for the Industrial Revolution. More....

Take three good ingredients

Eurest| General| 27 August 2013


Forget fish and chips, think fish, chips and mushy peas. We believe in bringing not two but three elements together to provide a truly satisfying meal. More....

Brides say, 'Pie do'

Eurest| Understanding you| 20 August 2013

heart shaped egg

Ah, the wedding cake. First it was profiteroles, next it was a tier of cheeses, and then in the noughties, baking fever brought a plethora of cupcakes to the top table. More....

Cloudy with a chance of...what?

Eurest| Consistency| 26 July 2016


Urban legend has it that spies coming to Britain are taught to talk about the weather at every possible opportunity in order to blend in. And yes, we are (probably) a little obsessed; More....

With respect to the local tart

Eurest| Local presence| 13 August 2013

local prescence

Bakewell tarts are more contentious than you might think. A proper Bakewell tart — as anyone in Bakewell will tell you —consists of a short crust pastry case, spread with jam and covered with an almond sponge before being baked — and don’t you forget it.. More....

Best of all worlds

Eurest| Understanding you| 08 August 2013

understanding you

We humans are an incredibly resourceful species but we’re often so busy deploring the mess we’ve made of everything that we forget to celebrate the stuff we do really well. More....

Tasting the memory

Eurest| Great food| 06 August 2013


How easy would you find it to name your most memorable meal? Would you lean to the luxurious end — a seven course tasting menu at a famous restaurant, booked as a birthday treat? A sumptuous banquet at a wedding? More....

What price is happiness?

Eurest| Great price| 23 July 2013


It’s human nature to hold on tight to the little things that make us smile and to create shiny moments to look forward to. Fundamentally, we’re programmed to be optimistic; to seek out the best in a situation and to make it our own. More....

Success is in the details

Eurest| Great service| 18 July 2013

food at work

Whether or not you have a really great day is so often in the details. A walk is just a walk, until a sunny day makes it a special treat. And a stranger on a bus is just a stranger, until they give you a smile and help you with your bags. More....

Snap happy

Eurest| Being safe| 02 June 2016


It’s said that if an artist gets too close to his subject it can interfere with the quality of the picture, which would certainly be a problem if the artist had been swallowed by a crocodile. More....

Retro with a twist

Eurest| Great food| 09 July 2013


You could blame a certain high profile TV chef in the 1990s if you like — prawn cocktail and rejuvenated Black Forest cherry cake anyone? More....

Remotely Interesting

Eurest| Geographical spread| 27 June 2013

eurest cow geographical spread

If you were on your way somewhere in a minibus, and it broke down, it would be annoying and inconvenient. You’d probably say it was a nuisance, a pain — infuriating even. But you probably wouldn’t describe it as epic…unless it rolled off a cliff. More....

Kitchen Wars: Who's in charge?

Eurest| Team interviews| 25 June 2013

lady chef

It’s one of life’s great mysteries. Since the kitchen was invented, it’s been labelled as a woman’s domain. Yet for some reason, most professional chefs are men, and despite a growing number of women in the profession it’s still generally seen as a bloke More....

Getting things done

Eurest| Being safe| 19 May 2016


We’ve all seen the footage of unwanted tower blocks crumpling into a heap as a controlled explosion clears ground for new development. More....

Lovin’ that Latin kick

Eurest| Great food| 18 June 2013

Great food

Having lingered in Mexico for a number of years, food innovation has now hitched a ride south and is currently steaming through Peru, Argentina and Brazil. More....

Simply brilliant

Eurest| Great service| 08 December 2015


Have you ever been to a posh restaurant to be met by a waiter who makes a big deal of greeting you, pulling a chair for you, shaking out a napkin with a flourish before carefully placing it in your lap and wheedling “Would madam care to look at the menu?” More....

An edible masterpiece

Eurest| Great price| 06 June 2013

Master piece

Every now and then you hear a heartwarming story about an unsuspecting individual who accidently buys a priceless painting for a fiver, only to discover it’s a long-forgotten masterpiece. More....

Magical mayhem

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 30 May 2013

Magical may

For Eurest and the whole Compass Group UK & Ireland family, May means Magical May, the mammoth effort taking place in every part of our business to raise money for vital research to help the battle to beat cancer. More....

Sunny side up

Eurest| Geographical spread| 23 May 2013

Sunny side

With the weather getting more and more unpredictable every year it’s harder than ever to guarantee that you’ll get sun for that summer BBQ or day at the beach. More....

Filling a need

Eurest| Great food| 16 May 2013


It’s British Sandwich Week so let’s pay our respects to the sandwich, a legend in its own lunchtime. More....

For you shweetheart, anything

Eurest| Being safe| 02 July 2015


There is a world where nothing is impossible. It’s a world of service without questions; of word of mouth; a world without the laws and limitations that make most of us think twice before saying yes to excess. More....

Hygge and food for the soul

Eurest| Great service| 07 May 2013

Great service

One of the cornerstones of Danish culture is hygge. It’s hard to tie down exactly what it means in English, but if you think of cosiness, relaxing with good friends or loved ones, candles, enjoying some good food and maybe some good booze, then you’re not More....

Meet the general manager

Eurest| Team interviews| 01 May 2013


Adriano Montana, General Manager of a Eurest restaurant at a national company’s head office talks about the vital role of workplace restaurants in recruitment and morale —and the career opportunities he’s experienced. More....

Fantastic Mr Fox

Eurest| Great food| 18 April 2013


Meet the star of our ‘farm to fork’ video, grower Rod Fox, who shows that small truly can mean a beautiful result... More....

The height of excellence

Eurest| Great price| 03 September 2015


When Nik Wallenda crossed the Niagara Falls amid swirling mists and driving winds, watched by over 100,000 onlookers and millions more at home on TV, he stayed on task... More....

Never too nippy to nap

Eurest| Understanding you| 04 April 2013



Staying regular

Eurest| Consistency| 02 April 2013


Fundamentally we’re all creatures of habit. Even the most disorganised of us have little markers in our days, weeks, months and years that keep us rooted. More....

All aboard the flavour train

Eurest| Great food| 28 March 2013


At this time of year there’s a queue of predictors and trend monitors waiting to tell you that kohlrabi is the new beetroot or that fermentation is going to redefine your eating experience. More....

The rise of the foodie

Eurest| Great food| 04 June 2015


It’s hard to put a finger on when it all started. It could have been when cookery books started being coffee-table glossies to drool over. More....

Great service? Get real

Eurest| Great service| 21 March 2013


Have you ever been the victim of fake customer service? You know the thing — when you go to the train station during peak times or to a busy high street store. More....

Fresh out of the funnel

Eurest| Great food| 19 March 2013


Getting new stuff out there is exciting for a foodservice provider. But, traditionally, trialling new food concepts and bringing them to the table hasn’t always happened as quickly as we’d like. More....

Fairly fantastic

Eurest| Corporate Responsibility| 05 March 2013


Fairtrade Fortnight is a huge event for Eurest — not a notch on the calendar that’s separate from everything else we do, but rather the culmination of year-round effort for something we support with a passion. More....

It's a fair trade guv

Eurest| Corporate Responsibility| 26 February 2013


Mike Gidney recently took up the CEO’s role of the Fairtrade Foundation — the certification body that has licensed over 4,500 Fairtrade products — and one of his first tasks is to launch their three-year strategy ‘Unlocking the Power of the Many’. More....

Lessons from the dabbawalas

Eurest| Great food| 26 February 2013


If you pause for a moment around 11:30am, in the vaulted space of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, then it won’t be long before the dabbawalas begin to swarm. More....

Walking the walk

Eurest| Corporate Responsibility| 26 January 2013


I don’t know about you, but claims that are pretty impressive make my natural British cynicism kick in and my first question is: you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? More....

Wax wings and a diet for longevity

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 24 January 2013


It’s that time of year again when I realise I’ve forgotten to make a reservation for dinner on Valentine’s Day, and I spend frantic hours ringing around trying to book a table somewhere nice.I like to think that my other half doesn’t feel the need to.... More....

Pick A Car, Any Car

Eurest| Great price| 28 May 2015


Mercedes probably started it. Back in the day, you knew how much you wanted to spend on a new car, and that determined the range of cars from which you could choose... More....

Strictly come catering

Eurest| Great people| 04 January 2013


FOURTEEN MILLION PEOPLE CAN’T BE WRONG (WHAT’S ON TV 2012). STRICTLY COME DANCING HAS THE NATION TRANSFIXED.The final topped the ratings and the Christmas special was the cornerstone of Christmas Day scheduling. So why do we love it?Is it the glit.... More....

Take a break and get more done

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 04 January 2013


DON’T SAY IT TOO LOUD, BUT THERE’S A GROWING — AND CREDIBLE — SWELL OF ENTHUSIASM FOR A LONGER LUNCH BREAK AT WORK.In reality it’s not so much about the length of that break as it is about the quality; particularly the quality of rest our minds and bo.... More....

Who let the hot dogs out?

Eurest| Great food| 13 December 2012


STREET FOOD IS HAVING QUITE A RENAISSANCE. JUST LOOK AT THE HUMBLE HOT DOG.There was a time when hot dogs were a relatively elite food, way back when, before they went stateside. They weren’t called hot dogs then of course, but Frankfurters or Wieners.... More....

Meet our recipe maestro who’s still a chef at heart

Eurest| Great food| 13 December 2012



Seasonality and the return of the truffle hunters

Eurest| Great food| 13 December 2012


THE ENGLISH TRUFFLE HUNTERS ARE MAKING A COMEBACK. NOT THE BAND; THE FORAGERS.Hunting the woodland treasure is a tradition that goes back for centuries, it’s just that over the last hundred years or so, we sort of forgot about it.But now, the truf.... More....

Long live the Tea Break

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 13 December 2012


IT DOESN’T GET MUCH MORE BRITISH THAN A (NICE) CUP OF TEA.As a nation we’ve been drinking hundreds of millions of cups of the stuff every day for decades. And since there doesn’t seem to have been the slightest dip in consumption in the last hundred a.... More....

Cyber Monday

Eurest| Great service| 03 December 2012


Do you know what you'll be doing around 9pm today? No?Well according to the statistical soothsayers, there's a strong possibility you'll be shopping online, getting ahead with your Christmas buying. It's predicted on 3 December the UK collectively wil.... More....

Welcome to the new Eurest way of doing things

Eurest| General| 01 November 2012


Thanks for making the time to have a read, and welcome to our first newsletter - a round-up of the articles from our blog that we think you’ll find most interesting. Welcome to our new-look website, designed with what matters to you at its heart....... More....

Cooking up a storm at the World Culinary Olympics

Eurest| Great people| 01 November 2012


Admit it — we all got a taste for success during the summer of 2012. Flags and bunting fluttering in the sunshine. The jubilee celebrations lighting a flame of national pride, fanned to a blaze by the sizzling reception London 2012 received from the wor.. More....

Good manners cost nothing

Eurest| Great service| 28 November 2012


42: the answer to life, the universe and everything — at least according to science fiction author Douglas Adams.He created a fictional super-computer to end all super-computers that had the sole purpose of working out the answer to life. Unfortunatel.... More....

The quiet health revolution

Eurest| Health and wellbeing| 08 October 2015


Rachel who works upstairs is a sucker for a mid-afternoon chocolate fix and Andrew in accounts is famous for his love of a full English. The health and wellbeing of our nation is a much debated topic but should the health of your workforce matter to y.... More....

You’re not from round here, are you?

Eurest| Local presence| 28 November 2012


Across the country small village shops are getting a lick of paint in heritage colours and re-opening their doors as community owned and run facilities. There are now 280 community shops in Britain’s villages and many are thriving despite the tough ec.... More....

Bolt from the blue or facing the fin?

Eurest| Being safe| 01 November 2012


From the moment we wake we judge risk — from the likelihood the toothpaste will squirt down your front to whether it’s safe to cross the road.But being human can get in the way of accuracy and we often make the wrong call. Which is why, when asked wha.... More....

The PSYchology of consistency

Eurest| Consistency| 28 November 2012


It’s everywhere — YouTube, in jokes, even party political conferences — everyone’s doing it gangnam style; from Eton boys to serving soldiers, jockey-based dance moves are sweeping the globe.Yes, it’s a fad, but what does gangnam have that’s led to su.... More....

Our not-so-secret recipe

Eurest| Great price| 06 October 2015


Unlike your granny’s old apple pie recipe, or your childhood technique for making sure you never lost a conker fight, there’s no secret to operating cost-effectively. All it takes is common sense — and a sense of responsibility.We’re all under pressur.... More....

Follow-my-leader or leader of followers?

Eurest| Great food| 28 November 2012


Trendsetter — trending — trendy. It’s a cycle but, like the old chicken-and-egg situation, it has to start somewhere. Someone has to lead the way.As globalisation makes the world smaller and we’re more and more exposed to other cultures and cuisines.... More....