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    We asked our clients what was most important to them in terms of their foodservice expectations, and have compiled their most common ‘Top Ten’ business essentials.

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Serving up a few aces for your business

The Davis Cup takes place at the end of November, and all eyes are on Andy Murray, but it takes more than one man to win tennis's top team tournament...

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Trophy time for our training and conference centre team

We reveal all the winners, as the Kents Hill Park kitchen team take five out of nine Senior awards at the Conference Centres of Excellence Awards.

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Plastic fantastic

Displayed on a round table is the most dazzling ensemble of 40 Chinese dishes. Every plate is presented with the utmost care and detail; onlooker’s mouths may water, but there’s no use tucking in — it’s all plastic.

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How diners became ‘free-from’ a dietary dilemma

‘Free-from’ produce is a great dietary option and has seen a sharp rise in popularity lately. Here’s why we think it’s more than just a food fad.

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Hello. Welcome to your website. This isn’t so much about us, as it is about you...

There are many reasons why you may have come here — probably primarily because you are interested in providing food to employees in their workplace — but rest assured, all the other things that you need to know about are easy to find too. We’ve listened to both existing clients and those with whom we hope to do business and found that, typically, there are 10 key areas of interest.  Click on ‘Find out more’ below to be taken to the first stage of your journey with us — an overview of each of the 10 categories; if you click through you’ll find a much more detailed explanation together with videos and case studies.

We’ve learned a thing or two about food during the 70 years we’ve been in operation, the most important of which is…it’s not just about the food.


Andy Barry

Andy Barry
Managing Director